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About MetaLaunchers

About Us 1/3

Before MetaLaunchers became the company it's known as today, its inception began in late 2020 when our founders Jason and Justin met by becoming vital members in ensuring an NFT project sellout and success. After $6.5 million in sales and several thousand NFT mints, Jason and Justin realized right there that their passion was in helping projects succeed and further push Web3 and blockchain to become a much more enjoyable experience for the common user.

About Us 2/3

After much love and support from the communities they participated in it was only a matter of time before they understood what needed to be done. Web3 is coming, and if they can use their skills and expertise to make Web3 a much more enjoyable experience for the common user, then that is what they are going to do. From there they assembled star players from their communities with strengths ranging from server developers, smart contract developers, Artists,

About Us 3/3

Crypto Day Traders, and more! We have come together to create success for many Web3 innovators, with a team of more than 30 members worldwide with a range of talents. Thus MetaLaunchers was born. Our scope ranges from working with companies like Orange Comet to bring IPs such as The Walking Dead into the Web3 space,to helping big names like Jeremy Fall build his vision of his Web3 platform with his brand "Probably Nothing".

Our Vision

Lets turn our shared passion for NFT projects into profit with longevity! Let me introduce to you MetaLaunchers, our team has many different talents such as Server Developers, Artists, Crypto Day Traders, and a lot of very knowledgeable and professional members, who can be valuable assets to your project!  Let's turn our shared passion for NFT projects into profit with longevity!

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Our services

Discord Development

From basic templates to fully customized servers. Every server is created in house and perfectly aligned for each projects individual needs.

Smart contracts

Highly skilled developers conditioned in creating an effective and worry free contract.

Website Creation

Our team of experienced and creative designers, create engaging sites for your members to thrive in easy to understand information and site navigation.


Tested strategies, innovative ideas, and consistency are key factors in accessing potential markets, opportunity and investors.

Community Management

Trained and experience Moderators routinely provide top tier engagement, community training and support.

Strategic Advisory

Work hand in hand with recognized consultants to get a custom tailored experience in launch strategy, marketing, social media and more!

Onboarding Process

Our 4-step system


Develop strategies for project timeline, rollout plan, marketing, schedules, events. Planning is everything and is the foundation of every launch.

Onboarding Process

our 4-Step System


Discuss project with founders through discovery calls. Utility, Founders background, goals, ideas, strategies and contracts.


Develop strategies for project timeline, rollout plan, marketing, schedules, events. Planning is everything and is the foundation of every launch.


Teach the community about why said project will be successful, what to look forward to, how to govern themselves, and how to build a positive community.


Congrats you did it! With tentative support from the team your members will stay on top of Launch with consistent support and guidance to ensure a smooth lift off!

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Our Case Studies

The Walking Dead

AMC and Orange Comet are proud to present the first-ever “The Walking Dead NFT Collection.”

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Anthony Hopkins NFT

Orange Comet is proud to announce its distinguished partnership with Sir Anthony Hopkins and the launch of his first NFT series, The Eternal Collection.

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Probably A Label

Through partnership with Warner Records UK we have come to believe music best comes alive when there's context people can connect to emotionally.

View Project

Kush Kriminals

Kush Kriminals is a true utility-based project. It’s an intoxicating blend of sci-fi, crime, action, and comedy, launching as a digital collection.

View Project

Gold Egg Club

An art project by Jeremy Fall that acts as a private membership. Each of the 222 NFTs are backed by 222 physical gold eggs that each holder will be able to claim.

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Probably Nothing

We're on to something. Probably Nothing. nft drops. educational content. clothing. TV shows. more.

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Web3ffiliates is the worlds first web3 Affiliate Network. The advertising revolution is coming, dont miss out!

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DYOR Exchange

Decentralized Web3 investing Redefined. Discover & invest in high-quality Web3 opportunities easily through a unique, interactive “Swipe-to-Explore” interface

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Our Team

Jason Wilson


Justin Van Wagoner


Dimitri Ristovski

Head of Creative & Art Director

Orlando David Gonzales P

Head of Server Development & Security

Athanasios Delitsikos

Head of Marketing

Dexter Theru

Head of Strategy Development

Eryka Quinones

Head of Human Resources

Hayden Lopez

Head of Merchandising
Our Team

Our Diverse team of experts

Team members spanning across the globe,  occupying a multitude of timezones bring us the "Follow the Sun" service ensuring  24 hour support.



Team Members



NFTs Minted



Projects Launched

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The MetaLaunchers team gives you something money can’t buy. They care. From day one to mint day, their attention to detail and motivation to make your project as perfect as it can be never stops. They integrate into your family seamlessly in an authentic way and operate at an unbelievable speed.

Jeremy Fall

Founder of Probably Nothing

Meta Launchers has been paramount in our ability to scale our community’s discord server. They work efficiently and provide best-in-class server management, building out tools and channels for our community to flourish in. We look forward to continuing our partnership!

Yong Yam

Co-Founder of Orange Comet

The MetaLaunchers team has been the magic ingredient behind our sold out success. They lead with integrity and execute marketing and community management strategies with elite precision. This team is experienced, and highly skilled.


Founder of Karma Cats

Metalaunchers was so professional at Consensus 2022. We had a drastic change of plan in which the team took it upon themselves to check on our exhibitors as they realized we couldn’t. They were prompt, fun and it was clear they LOVE this space and the people in it.

Link Green

Operations Manager CoinDesk


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