What Is MetaLaunchers?

Who are MetaLaunchers?

What is MetaLaunchers?

Who are the fascinating individuals behind the screen? The ones who are helping build and develop something as simple as a discord server to something as complicated as a smart contract? Is it just one person? Two? Three? Believe it or not MetaLaunchers is a team of 40+ located all around the world with various skills and knowledge.

MetaLaunchers is not just a team but a monolith. Together, we are your Web3 growth partner helping launch and manage NFT, DeFi, and various blockchain based projects. We move together to not only meet the needs of our clients, but also to understand, educate and keep them and their community safe. It is no secret that there are an abundance of people waiting to take advantage of the masses and give them false hope that their investments will pay off. MetaLaunchers goes beyond the requested services for our partners. It is essential that whoever we work with be invited and brought into the family to move as one. As Jeremy Fall, esteemed chef, successful restauranteur, and founder of the NFT project Probably Nothing stated, “They integrate into your family seamlessly in an authentic way and operate at unbelievable speed.”

MetaLaunchers was founded by Jason-Michael Wilson, who has gathered our family with a wide range of talents to develop and luminate the company. There are individuals on this team that have talents in Social Media Management, Marketing, UX/UI Design, Digital Art, Stocks/Trading/Crypto, Server development and security, Web3 and much more. With all this talent, we are able to provide a follow the sun approach with our services to ensure there is someone readily available 24/7. As a result we currently have assisted with 5+ sold out NFT projects, generating more than $8 Million USD in revenue for our clients in the last 10 months. We have made our presence known in the Web3 community, and will only continue to grow.

MetaLaunchers at CoinDesk Consensus 2022

The MetaLaunchers team, consisting of the Founder and Co-Founder Jason Michael-Wilson and Justin Van Wagoner, our Head of Departments, Dexter Theru, Rafael Marimon, Gabriella Basile, Orlando D. Gonzalez Pimienta, Dimitri Ristovski, Athanasios Delitsikos, Hayden Lopez, Eryka Quinones, and Jesse Rurka as well as many other team members continue to expand our company name. We connected more to the ever growing culture in the eastern hemisphere by setting up a sister company in the UAE to assist the needs of every kind, and we do not plan to stop there.

Where do we plan to go? Our goal is to continue to grow and help a variety of clients while cultivating a community of like minded individuals in a safe place where education, guidance and support regarding the blockchain is freely available.